Ballarat Gold Swim Club came about after the formation of the MARK STAHL SWIM SCHOOL. This was due to the rapid growth of not only the quantity of swimmers at the SWIM SCHOOL but also the quality of those swimmers who wanted more than just swim lessons. They wanted to race. So Peter Pay, Pam Toom and Mark Stahl put the wheels in motion in forming this Club from the beginning through a lot of time and hard work. With the support of the Ballarat Grammar School, in particular Rob Olston who sadly passed away in the early stages of our development, we were able to forge a positive working relationship that saw Ballarat Gold establish its home base at the Ballarat Grammar School Pool.

Over the 15 years of the existence of the BALLARAT GOLD SWIM CLUB has seen many people, both with swimmers at the Club and some whose children had moved on from swimming, volunteer their time and energy to make the Club the great and ever developing organisation it is today. This Club is not just a place for young and old swimmers to develop their craft to be the best that they can be but it is also a place for people to form life long friendships that once their swimming journey is complete they are still able to walk away with something just as important and that is life long friendships.

Since its inception some 15 years ago and to this current moment and into the future Ballarat Gold Swim Club remains an organisation very focused on forming very strong family links with all members so that it is a place that not only swimmers but all members of the various families that are associated with this Club feel valued and welcomed.

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