Port Fairy Swimming Camp



As a reminder I have attached below the ‘What to Bring’ list, please review and make sure you check off all items. 


In the bedrooms all they supply is the bed and mattress, so remember bring Pillow, Sleeping Bag or Donna and sheets, whatever you prefer.  The lodge is very warm with water radiators throughout, but it is advisable to bring suitable clothing for walking to the pool in the morning/afternoon and for our stroll into town.


PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY NUT PRODUCTS TO CAMP – we have a couple of Swimmers who suffer with anaphylactic reactions to NUTS, so it is most important that this is observed.


LOLLIES.......while we all love them, last year at camp it was like our swimmers had raided all the supermarkets in Ballarat to ensure they didn’t starve at Camp.  We then had some young  Swimmers bouncing off the walls from too much sugar!  Please leave the lollies at home this year, we will ensure they all get some sweets along the way.


The last thing on the ‘What to Bring’ list is Optional and that’s Mobile Phones and Cameras, if these are taken to Camp it is the responsibility of the owner to look after them.


Attached at the bottom of the email is the ‘Safe Trip Away Contact’ list, some of these will be on pool deck tonight and Anthony will have some to hand out on Friday night to Parents before departure.  There are three Mobile numbers of Adults staying onsite should you need to contact the group while they are away.


FINAL REMINDER – You must be a Member of Ballarat Gold to attend Camp, make sure you have signed up on the Swim Vic site, Checked the CAR list and if it is wrong PLEASE tell us, we don’t want to be waiting for someone who has already gone, also all CAMP Forms (and payment) should be in at least a few days before departure.


We can only remind people so many times and try to organise things, in the end it’s up to you!

The following information is a checklist of some of the items you may want to take to the Port Fairy Camp.







Please ensure all clothing is named, especially the club polo’ and jumpers





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